Enter vs. Shift, Enter

If at first you don’t succeed… go about it differently!
How many times do we assume something is unattainable, some things can only be done by ‘experts’, some things are beyond our ability to learn?  I have been irritated at myself at times when my attempts to get something to work seemed in vain (hello WordPress!) and when I asked people to assist me, their solutions were so simple and obvious! In previous years I would have wanted to kick myself. These days I deal with those situations with a lot more kindness to myself and I add these three words “obvious to them”. I haven’t always been good at asking people for assistance. The reasons why we don’t want to do that can be complex and deep. Once we overcome those hurdles, a whole new life opens up for us.  The opposite can be true too – when we are surrounded by people who will do everything for us before we even ask for assistance it’s easy to sit back and let someone else do it all and we can stunt our own growth process. Then wham! That help leaves for various reasons and we can be left floundering. I have discovered that when we  don’t know we can find out especially these days when there are so many wonderful tutorials at our disposal.

A few years ago I needed a new thermostat in the house and I wanted to install it myself. Seemed like an easy enough job, turn off the electricity, open up the old one, disconnect the wires  and connect the new one. That’s what the instructions on the box said. I took the cover off my old one, disconnected the wires and went to connect the new one but wait! It said “connect the yellow wire to the green one”… what green one? The wiring in our old house did not correspond to the ones in the instructions! ( Very old house!) So I used my motto ‘when not sure,  go find out!’  I went online and searched for ‘installing new thermostat in old house’. And wow! There were several video tutorials and in a matter of a few minutes I had accomplished the job successfully. The secret to success – accepting assistance!  Recently I was having difficulty getting a paragraph to format the way I wanted on wordpress. My ‘go-to’ advisor wasn’t available so I searched online how to do a line break . Presto!  Up popped a really easy solution. I had been pressing ‘enter’ and the problem was solved by pressing, ‘shift, enter’.  Yet another reminder from the Universe to shift from where I was tackling the issue and look for another way to find the solution. Literally press ‘SHIFT’!

Are you good at asking for assistance when you need it or is that a challenge for you? Are you willing to look at things from another perspective to find the outcomes you desire?  I’d love to hear your comments!