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This month I am offering a new webinar to introduce people to Heart Metta and the theme is how we can embrace change without it causing us the stress that most change, whether wanted or unwanted, can create. You may have a friend who appears really stressed to you and yet when  you bring it up they may say they are just fine and may even be irritated that you think they are stressed!
Things may seem great or may seem okay and for those people it may appear they aren’t stressed at all.   That may be true if they are already listening to themselves at all levels - physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual.  However, when they are skilled at tuning out matters that are stressful instead of dealing with them (and we have all done that at some point  for something, right?) stress gets internalized. When that happens, they may have physical symptoms like feeling tired no matter how many hours they have slept, have headaches or random pains, upset digestion - the list goes on. Emotionally they may find themselves with a short fuse when dealing with the slightest challenge or they may be moody or easily triggered by others. Mentally, stress shows up with the inability to concentrate, short-term memory goes out the window and it may be difficult to focus on even simple tasks.
At the spiritual level people feel disconnected - disconnected from others, from the Universe and even from their own selves.
For that friend or family member who tells you they aren’t stressed, it is not particular helpful to disagree with them. Instead it may be more helpful  to ask how well they are sleeping or managing at work or what is bringing them joy in the moment. Someone who is handling daily stress well may reply - “my work situation is not the greatest right now and I’m so happy I can …. to counteract that. Someone who isn’t handling stress well may reply with a message like “now that you mention it, my  ‘joy cup’ is running on empty these days”. You get my drift.
I was guided to offer this Intro to Heart Metta course as it sure seems like there are lots of things going on globally right now that are joy-depleting and they have been going on for quite some time.  Personally I have been able to maintain my inner joy by dissolving stress triggers with Heart Metta.
Heart Metta is useful for many applications , reducing stress is one of them.
May all our ‘joy cups’ be refilled!
Curious about the Heart Metta Intro course?    Read about it here 

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