Let’s be co-creative!

The other day my grandson came in from the yard with an amazing five-leaf clover! He often finds ones with four leaves and this five-leaf clover was a first for both of us.  I think in my entire life I have perhaps found one or two four-leaf clovers so if I was relying on four-leaf clovers and luck to bring me good times I would not be having much fun at all!

I often hear people say to me “oh Sandra, you are so lucky!” My reply is usually that  I’m not that lucky at all, if I was I would win raffles and lotteries!

So where does my ‘luck’ come from? While my life is certainly not entirely free of challenges I feel very blessed that the challenges I do have in recent times are more like minor hiccups rather than major life upheavals. If you were to ask me how I have managed to graduate from my earlier life major upsets I would say, from my experience , when something of major intensity comes along that is life-changing we have two paths we can take. The first is to stay stuck in doom and gloom and have it influence us the rest of our lives negatively or we can acknowledge whatever it is we are going through and process it and if necessary, ask for assistance when it is too large to be processed on our own. Once that happens we find an inner resilience we may never even known existed and we trust our co-creative abilities much more readily.

I was fortunate that I was already on the co-creative path when calamity struck many years ago. Almost every day I would tell myself that even if it took a miracle for things to get better they would! Now decades later, and several miracles later I am a firm believer in miracles. There are everyday miracles that happen all around us that we may never have even noticed.

Miracles came to me with people coming into my life offering guidance and support.  Amazing opportunities came my way that I would not have even dared to dream about when I was in my twenties. The big miracle I needed most and achieved is that I am able to ask for and accept all these blessings with gratitude. These days I may still use the phrase “even if it may take a miracle..” for seemingly impossible situations. Thankfully the challenges are much more mundane. My passion is to share tools with others to assist them to get on their co-creative wagon so they can have a happier and more prosperous life. I figure if I could do it, anyone can. I  have found courage is alive and well when we are in the co-creative groove. It is certainly possible to push through and attain your goals with effort and force. That path can be a lot more lonely and tiring and may also lead to burn out and overwhelm. Trying so hard can become really exhausting!

Are you allowing the Universe to co-create with you? Are you accepting the blessings that come your way? Are you still learning what that is all about?

If you are curious about honing your co-creative skills I invite you to check out the upcoming events where we will be doing that in many different ways.

Let’s be co-creative!

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2 years ago

Sandra you are indeed a co-creative miracle Master…I am glad you’re teaching others how to be in the flow. I am always grateful for what you taught me…I was definitely a tough student in a stubborn place, lol, I’m grateful you persevered. Blessings all.