Mercury in Retrograde

Yesterday as I sat down to write the article for today, words came to me really quickly and easily. At this moment I cannot even remember why I stopped writing and when I write, all my pages are automatically saved in the cloud so I did not give it another thought and I went about the rest of my day. Today as I looked through everything I could not find that page at all! It isn’t in my drafts and seems have to have disappeared into another dimension! Ah, I can attribute it to the wonderful phenomenon we call Mercury in Retrograde where all sorts of weird communication mishaps occur or I could say that it disappeared for a reason and spend hours trying to figure out what happened. Or, I can be practical and say S#*T happened and decide what to do now. This last options appears to be the best. Never mind the why’s and how’s and get on with getting on! Do you do that, let stuff go and find the next best action or do you spend a lot of time trying to fix something that has already happened? Of course it is helpful to look back and see what we can learn from an experience. It’s not helpful though when that is all we do instead of seeing what else to do instead. 

Originally I had written a long paragraph on my personal journey and what led me to developing my energy clearing protocol called S.W.E.E.T – Self-Wellness Energy Evaluation Technique. Perhaps that is better left for a memoir!!! Here’s the short and very abridged version:

  1. In 1999 I started to have physical symptoms that no doctor or specialist could diagnose. I felt tired and they thought I had some sort of urinary infection and chronic fatigue they were not able to identify.
  2. I learned to live with it and became accustomed to feeling tired and made sure I was never too far away from a washroom.
  3. Eighteen months later I went to a conference and met some healers who resonated with me so I scheduled a session with them.
  4. They were able to see I was leaking energy in my aura and they sorted it out and overnight all my symptoms went away!
  5. A month later I went to see my family doctor and my previous lab results had reversed and I was given a clean bill of health.
  6. I was so impressed with how clearing my energy field fixed what seemed to be a physical issue I went and studied with these two healers.
  7. I did some more research into biofield disturbances and developed a way to identify them as well as correct these energy imbalances.
  8. In 2001 I taught my first S.W.E.E.T class at an Energy Psychology Conference in Canada and then went on to teach it at other EP conferences in USA and various other conferences.
  9. Fast forward to present where I have now taught hundreds of people how to do this successfully and I am now training others to become certified S.W.E.E.T trainers.
  10. You can learn this too! No energy healing modality experience is required.  I am offering an online SWEET RETREAT in July which will include this training and ways for you to feel like you have had an energy rejuvenating spa session. Next week I will have full event details available on my website.

Note to self – everyone is busy and communication can be brief and still be informative. And, sometimes mishaps can improve one’s efficiency!

Oh and never assume, remember to press ‘command S’ periodically when typing.

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