The New Moon of May

Another new moon is here and with it, new beginnings. Here at the farm there are signs of new growth everywhere. The daffodils are blooming in the woods and many of our trees and bushes are in bud and others are already blooming. The photo in this post is of an apple tree that is over fifty years old. Its trunk is all gnarled and cracked in places and yet each year it flowers and still produces apples. They are sweet and delicious and may come with a surprise caterpillar since we don’t spray the tree at all.

This past week I have heard several people asking “what’s the point?” And many seem to be suffering from ‘pandemic-itis’. New beginnings, you say? When are they actually coming? This new moon still carries with it the opportunity for change. Perhaps, not the instant changes we would all prefer to see, change is there for us all the same. Change comes when we approach a task from a different perspective. When we simply try, try, try again using the same approach the outcome is usually the same.

This new moon, what would you like to approach from a different angle? What new method could you incorporate into the way you approach challenges? This seems like an opportune moment to remind you, if you have already seen my news, or introduce to new readers, that I am hosting an online  Heart Metta Playshop on May 22. The theme of it is ‘Today I am getting out of my own way!’ New beginnings can take place when we remove obstacles we may have unknowingly put in our own way.

For those of you who are already in your optimal flow of life, this new moon may offer you the energy to take a larger step than usual. This is the ideal time to make a list of the priorities in your life and to clarify what is really important to you regarding your well-being.

For those of you who would like more information on the upcoming playshop, you can read morehere.

I’m taking a leaf out of the apple tree’s book. It seems to be able to carry on no matter what is happening and life is fruitful.  How about you? Is this week already bringing new insights or stirring up some deep emotions? I welcome your comments.